Kudos for the last issue

To the editor:

Although I always review NH Business Review cover-to-cover, the Sept. 27-Oct. 10 issue held me for a single extended reading.

Bob Sanders’ cover story, “Beyond the vetoes,” neatly summarized the last veto-heavy legislative session and its diverse set of decisions. Feel free to follow up with detail on each of the “50 new laws that affect business.” (Can you spare a dozen pages?)

Facts still matter, and they solidified Russ Thibeault’s premise about the actual impact of new housing on student population. Yet as he cites, “there never seems to be enough data to move from the shaky realm of speculation to the solid ground of reality.”  True that, no matter the subject.

Serious current and aspiring leaders would benefit from self-reflection after reading Doug Teschner’s “Growing Leadership” column. Agreed: it IS “everybody’s job” to “(create) a culture that builds positive leadership” but for those in leadership – and on their way to it: What personally limits our growth? Easily asked but hard to honestly answer.

Chip Underhill, Manchester

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