KANA brings customer support back to U.S.

Kana Software has brought its customer service operations back to the United States from India, with some services to be handled by its Manchester office in New Hampshire.

The Menlo Park, Calif., customer solutions integrator has closed its 20-person call center in Chennai, India, and consolidated call systems through a partnership with technology supplier UCN of Bluffdale, Utah.

Calls will be routed through a single system to centers in Manchester, Menlo Park and Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

The new centralized system also will be able to track total call volumes as well as volumes by region through the three centers. Previously, each regional functioned independently, said company officials.

“Most on-premises solutions would have taken several more months and several hundreds of thousands to implement,” said Tony Snug, Kana’s vice president of customer service, of the 60-day roll-out. “Having an on-demand solution allows us the ability to scale at any pace we need to or to consolidate specific facilities. It gave us the flexibility that we needed.”

Company sources did not know whether Kana would be adding to its Manchester staff as a result of the new call routing system.

Kana employs about 153 people worldwide, including 27 at its Manchester Millyard location. — CINDY KIBBE

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