Irving: bulk gas delivery available to most customers

Irving Oil Company continues to deliver 10 percent ethanol gasoline to the majority of its bulk customers, according to a company spokesman

Irving spokesman Rob Wilson said only a small percentage of the company’s delivery customers in the state’s northern region have been affected by a recent shutdown of the firm’s storage tank in Alton.

Wilson responded Tuesday to a report on NHBR Daily, which reported that Irving had discontinued E10 deliveries to a number of small businesses, including at least one golf course, in its delivery region.

According to Wilson, a “small handful” of customers were notified that they would no longer be able to receive deliveries of E10 from Irving Oil Company following the closure of the one tank.

“For economic reasons we chose to close the one small storage tank, but we were able to shift service for most of our bulk delivery customers to our other bulk plants,” Wilson said. “Those customers that were affected still have the option of going to one of our convenience centers, although I realize that is not a viable option for a golf course or other small business.”

Wilson declined to provide a specific number of customers affected by the Alton tank closing, citing competition concerns.

According to Wilson, except for those who have been notified otherwise, deliveries of E10 will continue as usual.

“We certainly continue to offer ethanol gas,” Wilson said. – TRACIE STONE

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