IRS seeks to seize Hudson eatery’s assets

Internal Revenue Service agents are planning to seize the assets of Charman’s restaurant in Hudson for some $90,000 in back taxes and interest, according to filings in federal district court in New Hampshire.

Konstantino Logiotatos, the owner of Logio Inc., the company that owns Charman’s, refused IRS permission to enter the premises in December to seize the restaurant’s assets, including cash out of the registers, according to an affidavit of Elizabeth Breton, an IRS agent based in Manchester. So the IRS went to federal court.

U.S. District Court Judge Paul Barbaboro granted permission to seize the assets on Tuesday. Calls left for Logiotatos were not returned by NHBR Daily deadline.

Charman’s has originally opened 24 years ago on Amherst Street in Nashua before moving to its current location at 49 Lowell Rd. in Hudson – the location of the former Stevie P’s Restaurant — three years ago.

At the time of the move, Logiotatos told the Nashua Telegraph that he was renovating it so the restaurant would have “a more upscale feel to it.” It also would have a function room that would seat 100.

That’s when the trouble with the IRS started, according to Breton’s affidavit.

Logio Inc. owes taxes going back to 2004, and the IRS demanded payment both on Feb. 27 and July 3 of last year, she said.

“The assets to be seized are business assets found in a restaurant, to wit, all cash, credit card drafts, checks and money orders located in all cash registers,” wrote Breton. “I personally observed the cash registers containing cash on the premises.” – BOB SANDERS

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