Help needed to catch window breakers

MERRIMACK- The culprits apparently are losing their marbles. Unfortunately, they may be doing so in the window of your car or home.

Police are asking for the public’s help in cracking a case involving a rash of broken windows. The crook’s or crooks’ weapons of choice aren’t sticks or stones, but marbles, as in the type you shoot in the game.

What police aren’t saying is whether the vandals are partial to cat’s eyes, butterflies, commies or ghosts.

During the past few weeks, police have fielded a swirl of complaints about marbles being used to break windows. The crimes are occurring late at night and usually involve front windows in homes and car windshields, police say.

Recently, businesses have also become targets, police say.
Police are asking anyone with information to call the Merrimack police at 424-3774 or Crimeline at 424-2424.

Whoever is responsible will be prosecuted on felony charges, police say.