GT Solar receives $40.7m Greece order

Merrimack-based GT Solar has received a $40.7 million order from a firm in Greece.

Included in the order from Soltech S.A. of Patras, Greece, is production of a line of equipment capable of creating 30 megawatts of solar wafers, cells and modules annually.

“This order represents GT’s first sale of an integrated factory and underscores GT’s value as an enabler of companies that are interested in the solar business,” said company president and chief executive Thomas Zarrella. “GT provides these companies with a turnkey line of manufacturing equipment, technologies and solutions across the photovoltaic supply chain.”

The new line of equipment, which includes a new GT Solar furnace capable of producing between 400kg and 450kg silicon ingots and Atlas tabber/stringers, which arranges rows of solar cells for placement in solar modules, will anchor Soltech in a more competitive position within the photovoltaic marketplace, according to Dimitrios Panagakos, president of the firm. – TRACIE STONE

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