Grant proposals sought by Concord 20/20

Concord 20/20, a nonprofit community organization established to support and promote successful smart growth development in the Capital City, is seeking grant proposals from Concord organizations hoping to launch projects consistent with one or more of the five vision principles developed by the community and adopted by the city in 2001.

“Concord 20/20 is anxious to assist community organizations in initiating and demonstrating projects and ideas that are new to the Concord area and will further the principles adopted by the city five years ago,” said Tim Sink, chairman of the Concord 20/20 Projects Committee.

Projects relating to inner-city transportation will be strongly considered this year, Sink said.

“We’re looking for ways to move people throughout the city without creating greater stress on our infrastructure, bike travel for example,” Sink said. “Not only does it cut down on traffic, it promotes better health and reduces pollution.”

In addition to community travel proposals, consideration for grants up to $50,000 will be given to projects that support a vibrant, livable downtown, include neighborhoods served by walkable villages and promote economic vitality, preservation and access to the natural environment.

Total cost for proposed projects must not exceed $250,000 and should be workable within 18 months.

Primary funding for the Concord 20/20 grants comes from the Federal Highway Administration’s TCSP program. Additional contributions come from the city of Concord and private foundations and donations.

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