Future construction jumps over 500 percent

Contracts for future construction projects in New Hampshire skyrocketed in July.According to figures from industry information service McGraw-Hill Construction, the dollar amount of July contracts totaled $546.5 million — more than five times the total of $107.2 million recorded in July 2009.Total nonresidential construction contracts totaled $206.6 million, more than five times the $38.5 million recorded in July 2009.The rise in contracts for nonbuilding projects — roads, bridges and other infrastructure — was even more impressive, growing by more than 10 times, from $29.1 million in July 2009 to $299.4 million this year.And while the amount of residential construction contracts rose, it was lackluster gain of less than $1 million over the year, from $39.6 million to $40.4 million.So far this year, future residential construction contracts total $1.4 billion, some 14 percent more than the $1.2 billion recorded a year earlier, much of that amount paid for with federal stimulus dollars. – JEFF FEINGOLD/NEW HAMPSHIRE BUSINESS REVIEW

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