Florida firm to install EV charging station in Waterville Valley

Blink Charging to deploy units at condo community with an eye on New Hampshire expansion

Blink Charging StationA Florida-based company will be installing its first universal electric vehicle charging equipment in the state in Waterville Valley.

Blink Charging Co. of Miami Beach says it will deploy two Fast IQ 200 Level 2 charging units at Windsor Hill Condominiums in Waterville Valley. They will be the only EV charging stations available for nearly 30 miles.

Linda Coleman, president of Windsor Hill Condominiums, said the installment “is not only an important amenity for the current and future EV drivers among our residents but also supports our environmental and sustainability goals.”

The condominium’s sustainability goals led the community to be Blink’s first New Hampshire partner, said Mike Battaglia, senior vice president of sales and business development aet Blink. “Windsor Hill is advocating [for] the transition to sustainable, green operational solutions, and our chargers will contribute to this effort,” he said Vice President of Sales and Business Development of Blink Charging.

Windsor Hill Condominiums are notably near Waterville Valley Ski Area. Battaglia said that ski resorts are a good location for charging stations because of the “dwell time” in parking areas. Drivers will typically park their car for extended periods at ski resorts, leaving ample time to charge an electric vehicle.

Battaglia said the company’s goal is to install EV charging infrastructure in all 50 states, and it plans to expand further in New Hampshire.

“We are actively pursuing opportunities within the state of New Hampshire. We are definitely pursuing customers as we speak,” said Battaglia.

Battaglia said he sees every parking space as an opportunity.

“When you look at forecasts for EV adoption in the United States, you can see that businesses throughout the state of New Hampshire need to start thinking about this,” he said.

The company recently announced plans to install stations in Vermont as part of a grant program that was initiated to the state. The charging devices will be installed at 11 locations near major highways and ski resorts.

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