Fisher Scientific launches global RNA study

Hampton-based Fisher Scientific has launched a global initiative aimed at developing drugs based on studying RNA, with its first meeting taking place in Boston on Oct. 17-18.

The firm’s Colorado subsidiary, Dharmacon Inc. — a business unit of Fisher Biosciences, another Fisher Scientific subsidiary — announced late last week that it has formed the Genome-Wide RNAi Global Initiative, an alliance of leading international biomedical research centers.

RNA is directly responsible for the manufacturing of proteins, many of which perform crucial functions of the body. In the wake of the effort to map the human DNA genome, there has been a similar effort to do the same with RNA. The DNA studies have increased scientists’ ability to understand disease mechanism and develop new drugs.

Members of the initiative include The London Research Institute, the German Cancer Research Center, the University of Nebraska Medical Center, Netherlands Cancer Institute, Yale University and others. – BOB SANDERS

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