Environmental Power Corp.’s chair speaks to Washington subcommittee

Environmental Power Corp.’s Chairman of the board Joe Cresci recently spoke to members of the U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Energy and Air Quality during a session entitled “Unlocking America’s Energy Resources: Next Generation.”

Cresci outlined the opportunities and challenges facing the domestically produced renewable energy industry and asked for private-public partnership and “simple-parity” in the incentive programs currently available to other renewable energy markets producers.

Microgy Inc., a subsidiary of EPC, holds exclusive North American rights to an anaerobic digestion technology that transforms animal waste to methane-rich biogas, which can by used to generate electricity or thermal energy or refined into pipeline-grade methane for sale as a commodity.

The process decreases dependency on foreign oil and fossil fuels, reduces greenhouse emissions, improves water quality and reduces odors surrounding commercial animal farms according to Cresci.

During his speech, Cresci used a Microgy project currently under construction in Huckabay Ridge, Texas as an example of the business model and environmental impact and energy production potential biogas production facilities can have.

According to Cresci, the U.S. diary industry alone could support “more than 150 Huckabay Ridge-sized projects which would produce more than 81 billion cubic feet of renewable natural gas.”

That number could exceed 150 million mcf (thousand cubic feet) per year if there were other accessible markets to utilize the technology, according to Cresci.

Cresci also discussed the complimentary nature of EPC’s digesters with ethanol production, stating that EPC digesters can be fueled with the byproducts of ethanol production, increasing efficiency and reducing the waste.

Representatives from GE Energy, Cummins and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory joined Cresci at the recent session.

Environmental Power Corporation develops, owns and operates renewable energy production facilities throughout the U.S. It is headquartered in Portsmouth.

In recent months EPC subsidiary, Microgy Inc. has entered into agreements with Swift and Company, the world’s second largest processor of beef and pork, and Applied LNG Technologies USA Inc. of Amarillo, Texas, the largest liquefied natural gas wholesaler in the Western U.S. and Mexico to pursue projects similar to Huckabay Ridge. —TRACIE STONE

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