Claremont nurses end union representation

Registered nurses at Valley Regional Hospital in Claremont have notified their labor union, the Massachusetts Nurses Association, that they are withdrawing recognition of the MNA as their bargaining representative.

The action came after 39 of the hospital’s 74 nurses signed a petition to end the MNA’s representation.

As a result, Valley Regional Hospital ceased negotiating with the MNA over a contract that expired at midnight on Monday, Nov. 27.

Thirty-nine out of 74 registered nurses in the bargaining unit signed the petition to end the MNA’s representation.

The separation from the MNA will mean that employment terms and conditions will be established internally at the hospital, instead of being developed through discussions with representatives from the union, said Gregg Burdett, vice president of human resources. “Hospital management will collaborate with staff to develop a competitive salary and benefits package for nursing staff that rewards skill, experience and performance,” Burdett said.

Claire Bowen, president and CEO of Valley Regional, said she was “excited about the possibility of working directly with nursing staff to identify and fulfill their needs. They are pillars in the provision of patient care.” – JEFF FEINGOLD

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