Car dealer charged with deceptive business practice

Littleton Chevrolet has entered a plea of nolo contendere to a violation alleging it engaged in a deceptive business practice arising out of the repair of a motor vehicle involved in an automobile collision.
According to the state attorney general’s office, the dealership provided an estimate for body repair work on a vehicle that was damaged in a collision. The estimate from Littleton Chevrolet called for the replacement of certain parts, the AG’s office said, but instead of replacing certain parts, the dealership repaired existing components without prior approval of the consumer.
The consumer was billed for the purchase of new parts that were not used in the repair of the vehicle, the AG’s office said, but because the consumer was billed for a new part when the dealership did not install a new part, Littleton Chevrolet was charged with one violation of deceptive business practices. As a result of the plea, Littleton Chevrolet was fined $1,000. — NHBR STAFF REPORT

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