Border patrol

“Well, now lookie wha’ we got here!” the sheriff or policeman (whatever) of New Ipswich might have said when he stopped a vehicle and found it contained nine (count ‘em 9) illegal aliens. The immigration authorities in Boston were contacted but could not deal with the matter. The answer was to let the intruders go.

The next day’s Union Leader carried a front-page story with the headline saying that U.S. Sens. Gregg and Sununu were demanding an explanation. The next day’s paper had one: Immigration officials said they simply didn’t have enough money in their budgets to deal with all the illegal immigrants, but they do try to detain those who have committed violent crimes (which shows to go ya that ya can’t miss ‘em all.) After that, Gregg, Sununu and the UL fell strangely silent on the matter.

After all, it could get a little embarrassing, especially for the Juddster, who sits on the Senate Appropriations Committee (a strategic location for that war on frugality known as “pork barrel conservatism”). That’s the place where they make those decisions on immigration budgets and the like.

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