Board approves two town contracts

HUDSON – Selectmen have agreed to send two more employment contracts to the ballot for voters to consider in March.

The board voted this week to give favorable recommendations to contracts with the police union and supervisors association, which includes personnel from several departments.

The police contract is for two years with a cost of living adjustment. The increase the first year is $203,309, and the increase the second year is an estimated $126,936, according to Town Administrator Steve Malizia.

The union has about 47 members, including patrol officers, dispatchers, sergeants and detectives.

The supervisors’ agreement is for three years, with increases of $152,118 the first year, $91,533 the second year and $87,422 the third year.

The supervisors association includes police and fire captains, police lieutenants, the secretaries to the police and fire chiefs, the town engineer, the town planner and town assessor. There are 26 members.

The contracts do include some lump-sum payments for earned time, Malizia said. He described the payments as part of the board’s effort to limit the amount of earned time that employees can accumulate.

Town employees are given earned time, which can be used for sick days, personal time or vacation.

Before, there was no limit on how much earned time people could accumulate, leading some to build up a large amount, he said.

Under the new contracts, supervisors would be able to save up to 90 days, and members of the police union up to 75 days.

Two other town contracts are up for vote – the Highway Department and the Fire Department.

The three-year highway contract calls for a $47,912 increase for the first year – July 1 to June 30, 2005. The increases for the second and third years would be $47,279 and $43,541

On the warrant for firefighters will be a fact-finder’s report that the board voted to not recommend. The contract went to a fact-finder after negotiations stalled and the firefighters declared an impasse.

The cost of the raises and step increases for the first year is an estimated $87,201, followed by $90,127 for the second year.