BIA supports Lynch amendment

The Business and Industry Association of New Hampshire has thrown its support behind Governor Lynch’s proposed education-funding constitutional amendment

Saying it believes the amendment – CACR 18 — is the best way to support quality education, enable the state to target state education aid and avoid increasing business taxes or implementing an income or sales tax, the BIA’s board voted unanimously to approve the following motion:

“The BIA supports CACR 18 as consistent with our principles for education funding (below) and looks forward to working with the Legislature as the process of consideration and approval evolves.”

Among the principles cited in the motion are:

• Primary and secondary education is a shared responsibility among municipal, state and federal governments.
• State education funds should be maximized through thoughtful targeting of aid to cities and towns most in need.
• Any further increases in the Business Profits Tax, Business Enterprise Tax or property taxes applicable to business will put the state economy at risk and hurt New Hampshire’s competitive tax environment vis-à-vis other states and countries.
• No income tax and no sales tax are key components of the New Hampshire Advantage, which must be maintained if we are to continue our economic prosperity.

Mike Donahue, chair of the BIA’s board of directors and a principal of Aries Engineering, said the BIA realizes the proposed amendment is now the focus of “a dynamic legislative process” and is subject to change in either the Senate or House, “we like the thrust of the amendment and believe it is a good platform to move forward.” – JEFF FEINGOLD

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