Berlin commercial greenhouse project on track to begin growing vegetables by end of year

North Country Growers meets funding goal; construction set to resume in spring

North Country GrowersNorth Country Growers’ 20-acre commercial hydroponic greenhouse project in Berlin has reached its initial funding goal, putting it on a path to begin growing vegetables by the end of the year.

Once complete, the $37.5 million project will grow tomatoes and lettuce in self-contained, sustainable greenhouses. Rainwater collected off the roof and snow melt will be recycled for irrigation. Waste heat is recycled to heat greenhouses, and the project will use the C02 emissions to generate power. A generation plant would tap into the natural gas pipeline, producing an estimated 8.8 megawatts of electrical power primarily to be used by the facility.

Construction of the project began in 2022. Since then site preparation has been completed and foundations for the steel substructure have been installed, said Jack Daley, project manager. Work is set to resume in the spring.


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