Bentley wins patent for insulin spray

Bentley Pharmaceuticals obtained a key patent in its quest to develop insulin nasal spray for diabetics, the company announced Tuesday.

The Exeter-based firm had obtained general patents for the nasal insulin delivery systems before, but this was the first time it was able to develop a patent coupling its proprietary technology – chemical formulation which makes it easier to insulin to cross the nasal membranes – with the spray.

“This allows us to build a fence around a whole category of our intellectual property,” Fred Feldman, vice president of Research and Development at Bentley, told NHBR Daily.

The company says it is now past the research stage and has entered the development stage of the nasal spray, which is undergoing worldwide testing to get Federal Drug Administration approval

The spray would be an alternative for severe diabetics who need to inject themselves four times a day. But many diabetics often skip their shots because of the stigma, the pain or the inconvenience, said Feldman.

“Compliance has been low and complications have been high,” Feldman said. “This compact easy-to-carry nasal spray would have a significant impact on compliance.”

The patent, which was issued from an application filed on December 2004, provides proprietary protection to Bentley for 20 years from the date of filing. – BOB SANDERS

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