Agreement seen between Hudson eatery, IRS

The Internal Revenue Service has not seized any assets at Charman’s Restaurant in Hudson, and its owner doesn’t expect them to be seized in the near future.

A federal judge signed an order Tuesday allowing the agency to seize the restaurant’s assets in order to collect some $90,000 in taxes and interest. But, according to Konstantino “Charlie” Logiotatos, owner of Logio Inc. – the corporation that runs the restaurant — the IRS is just protecting its legal options while negotiating a payment plan.

“We are almost at an agreement,” said Logiotatos. “We will start making payments, and it should all be taken care of by April.”

The IRS will not comment on the matter.

Logiotatos emphasized that the company was not in financial trouble, and that the tax debt was due to an error in an automatic payment system.

“It was a huge miscalculation,” he said. “What are you going to do? We are open. We are working hard. And we are going to work this thing out. I don’t fault the IRS. They are just doing their job.” – BOB SANDERS

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