Why Trendslide was started in N.H. — and why we're not going anywhere

As an early-stage technology company in New Hampshire, we consider ourselves fortunate to have a great team. We have a great group of investors and advisors who are relatively local and are always willing to make an introduction, or offer a different perspective on things.

But some of the core reasons we decided to start Trendslide in Manchester, N.H. and why we're going to keep it local go much beyond our investors or advisors. The New Hampshire High Technology Council (NHHTC) has a great section of their website that details "The NH Advantage." I won't repeat their page here, but just say that I largely agree with the points they have listed.

With that said, here are some additional reasons we really felt like New Hampshire was the place to start Trendslide:

• Ben and I are both from New Hampshire originally. Ben went to high school in Manchester, and I did in Plaistow. New Hampshire is in our veins, and we both love it here.

• The New Hampshire startup ecosystem has really started to gain traction. With great startup companies like Mosaic Archive, Carrier Pigeon, Frosthub, Siege Technologies, UStabilize, Mygun.db, and many others, we wanted to be a part of the vibrant and growing ecosystem here.

• The ecosystem has a solid foundation with companies like Dyn Inc. supporting many startup events, and the abi Innovation Hub, Alpha Loft, Idea Greenhouse, and the NH-ICC supporting startups via their incubation and co-working spaces.

• This next one occurred after we started Trendslide, but it's something we always knew being residents of New Hampshire. CNBC recently rated New Hampshire as the #1 place to live in America for quality of life. With our close proximity to major cities such as Boston, we've found plenty of great reasons why we love New Hampshire, not only for personal reasons but also for our business. Whatever your reason is we would encourage you to consider New Hampshire home for starting your next technology venture.


Jeffrey Vocell is co-founder of Trendslide, a Manchester, N.H.-based mobile Business Intelligence startup. For more information about Trendslide, visit trendslide.com or email jeffrey@trendslide.com.