Why AARP backs House health reform bill

To the editor:

AARP continues fighting for health reform that provides stable, affordable health coverage options for all Americans and protects Medicare for seniors and for future generations.

We believe the House of Representatives’ Affordable Health Care for America Act (HR 3962) and the Medicare Physician Payment Reform Act (HR 3961) meet our priorities for protecting Medicare and stopping insurance companies from denying people affordable coverage because of their age.

For the nearly 176,000 Granite Staters in Medicare, HR 3962 makes prescription drugs more affordable by closing the doughnut hole and allowing Medicare to negotiate prescription drug costs. It adds preventive benefits like cancer screenings, cracks down on waste and fraud, protects traditional Medicare benefits and ensures seniors get access to the doctor of their choice or can find a new doctor when they need one.

For all Americans — including our younger members who often struggle to find affordable insurance — HR 3962 makes coverage more affordable by strictly limiting how much more insurance companies can charge based on age. Americans can no longer be denied coverage based on health history or discriminated against because of gender.

AARP is committed to working with members of the House and Senate to ensure our priorities are included in any final health-care reform bill.

<b>Ally McNair</b>
State President

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