Who can fix a customer’s FairPoint problem?

To the editor:

Re: The Dec. 12-25 issue and the magnificent article by Marc Brown, “Costs to ratepayers pile up, but who’s listening?”. Seldom does the public have a chance to learn the facts about how their costs just keep going up.

Perhaps you could find someone to write a similar article regarding the fiasco called FairPoint Communications. They bought a system from Verizon that worked and paid millions of dollars to a consultant to handle the transition that didn’t work well.

Getting a problem solved is almost impossible. And to make matters worse, the New Hampshire Legislature passed some kind of a bill that prevents the PUC from helping customers. An aggrieved party must now place his trust in FairPoint, who is judge and jury. It does not take a genius to figure out how that will work out.

Donald Bradley


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