What makes the NHHEAF Network Organizations different?

– Planning and funding under one roof
– Recognized for outstanding customer service
– Our loans are never sold
– Our customer’s names are never sold or shared
– 24 hour access to loan information or apply for loans online
– Free professional college counseling
– College Planning Library for researching college options

The NHHEAF Network Organizations are comprised of three independent, nonprofit organizations: The New Hampshire Higher Education Assistance Foundation, which was established by the banking community in 1962 to guarantee student loans; the New Hampshire Higher Education Loan Corporation, which was designated by the State of New Hampshire in June 1993 to be a lender and holder exclusively for student loans; and Granite State Management & Resources, which is the loan servicing arm of the network.

Collectively, we are the largest source for student loans and financial aid within New Hampshire

Contact the NHHEAF Network Organizations at 1-800-525-2577 or www.nhheaf.org.

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