Weeks Medical Center unveils $4 million building campaign

Lancaster facility plans 42,000-square-foot patient care center

Weeks Medical Center has unveiled a $4 million building campaign to construct the 42,000-square-foot Lancaster Patient Care Center, which will be connected to the current facility.

The hospital said the new center will provide a significantly improved space for primary care, more accessible space for dialysis and wound care, and dedicated spaces for outpatient specialty services such as allergy/otolaryngology, oncology, pediatrics, child development, sleep medicine, telemedicine, cardiology, pulmonology, urology, gynecology, orthopedics, podiatry, and behavioral health.

“Our current Lancaster physicians’ offices building is outdated and severely impacts our ability to upgrade and improve our primary care and specialty services,” said Donald Crane, chair of the medical center’s board of trustees. “We have long outgrown the space and our providers and patients have been adversely affected by it. A new building is needed that is more accessible to patients and provides the appropriate capacity for current and growing needs.”

The total cost of the new Lancaster Patient Care Center is set at $13 million. The building campaign will seek to raise $4 million from local and seasonal residents and businesses and the remainder through loans and grants.

Groundbreaking is scheduled for fall 2018 with an estimated completion date of spring 2020. The building campaign, currently in a planning phase, will be officially launched in May at the Weeks Medical Center annual meeting.

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