We need solutions, not whining

To the editor:I appreciate the work and time you put into your newspaper. I read it as my schedule allows. Just a couple of observations from some of your writers.In the Sept. 24-Oct. 7, a study stating the high cost of manufacturing in N.H. REALLY?The thing I do notice about this state is its lack of jobs that pay a decent wage. Granted, I am originally from a commonwealth and the burdens are shared.So what would we have this state do to make us more small business-friendly … cut wages? There seemed to be no alternatives or ideas provided. So should we continue to try to cut taxes for business owners and continue placing the burden on homeowners and landlords? We need solutions, not snappy little comments from whiners.If everyone pays their fair share of taxes, everyone wins. We need good-paying jobs in New Hampshire. Not more low-wage, non-benefit service jobs. It seems there are plenty of whiners but not enough “doers.” Small-business people have to get things done without the benefit of whining.Solutions – bold initiatives – to bring jobs up here that can pay people wages that can support their families. All I hear is the whine of the politicians: cut taxes, cut taxes, cut taxes. How much more can this little state cut? We need to demand ALL businesses pay their share and stop whining and expecting the homeowners to pay for it all.It’s wonderful Merrimack will have all those fancy outlet stores. Unfortunately, many residents won’t be able to afford to shop there. But that won’t preclude nonresidents from coming up over the border and shopping. Hopefully, they will have the money to support designer outlet stores that are under-employing the locals who can’t afford to shop there either. More service sector jobs do not an economy make.More tax cuts for medium and large businesses will continue to erode the quality of life in this state. This state needs real jobs, not McJobs.And lastly:Nikki Murphy’s article on paid sick leave (“It pays to support paid sick leave,” Sept. 24-Oct. 7 NHBR) is not even an option for most very small businesses.That is for larger businesses with the bottom line to pay for such a luxury – and in the current economic climate, it is a luxury.The private insurance sector can address those costs, and there are many plans out there an individual can pay for out of their pocket. This should not be a mandate or another expense to business. Perhaps businesses can have a pool so that the employee can pay something weekly and the company could match it.Let’s rein in our focus and get more companies to locate up here before we start down the slippery slope of forcing business to pay sick leave.Elaine Dunn

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