We need long-term energy solutions

To the editor:

New England is about to experience a retirement party that no one will want to attend.

Our region’s energy base is losing some of its top producers. Vermont Yankee, Norwalk Harbor Station in Connecticut, Brayton Point Station in Rhode Island, Salem Harbor Station, and now the Pilgrim Nuclear Plant in Massachusetts are all either retired or on the road to closure.

What does it mean to New England? It means a much less stable power supply for the region, with higher electricity prices, and, at peak times, the possibility of not having enough electrical energy to meet our needs.

Our region is in desperate need of long-term energy solutions, including increased gas pipeline capacity and large-scale hydropower from Canada. We need to move beyond the finger-pointing and hot rhetoric, and come together around reasonable infrastructure projects that will deliver the power we need at reasonable rates.

The business community is making this a top priority, and we hope our elected officials will follow suit. 

I am proud of the positive impact our company is having on our customers and our community. To continue to succeed, we need a predictable and affordable supply of energy. Without it, we will all face retirement. 

With effective state leadership to solve this electrical energy crisis, the gold watch can wait.

Val Zanchuk


Graphicast Inc.


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