We need leadership to fix NH’s energy crisis

To the editor:

I do not believe that the leaders in Concord understand the situation about the cost of energy in New Hampshire, the most expensive in the nation.

It will adversely affect our ability to attract and maintain business, especially manufacturing.

Why are we in this 10-year-old problem? Lack of leadership!! We need leaders with GUTS!!

Put in a power line with green energy rated at the 1200 megawatts capacity at a low cost. $1 billion not $2 billion. Put in a gas line safely underground that does not destroy any property.

Build up our energy supply until we have a surplus that will lower costs.

Electricity costs in other areas of the country are 60 to 70 percent lower. These areas will take our manufacturing economy away from us. The people who are opposed to these or similar projects do not appear to work for a living.

My company has 1,000 people who come to work each day to earn a decent living. We are one of 10 of the largest energy users in New Hampshire. And it is hard to compete with competitors in other less expensive areas or off shore.

Tell our leaders to get off their duffs.

John F. Olson


Whelen Engineering


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