Wanted: the Northern Pass facts

To the editor:I’ve been following the impassioned articles regarding the Northern Pass project.The most recent one by Burt Cohen (“N.H. should take a pass on Northern Pass,” June 17-30 NHBR) is probably the most well written of them all … with one exception.He mentions alternate energy sources as a substitute, without saying what they would be, their capacity and the cost of the power they generate — a major failing if anyone wants to evaluate the situation.But the main question must be: Do we need the power now or in the foreseeable future? Surely there must be someone out there who already has the answer to that question.The eminent domain question is always with us in these types of situations. Thanks, in part, to our own Judge Souter, businesses can now profit at the expense of any citizen unlucky enough to own property wanted by others.How about an article with just the facts?Donald Bradley

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