USA Springs opponents aren’t ‘idiots’

<font size=1>Editor’s note: The following letter was sent to Alan Braunstein, an attorney involved in the bankruptcy reorganization of USA Springs, by Steve Conklin of Barrington, a member of the Barrington Water and Sewage Committee and an opponent of the company’s proposed water bottling plant.</font size>

Counselor Braunstein,

A recent USA Springs article in the NH Business Review attributes this quote to you, “Community groups should contact you before criticizing the deal in the press.” As you represent NewCo, do you not think your remark is a bit bemusing heading towards bizarre given (USA Springs founder) Mr. (Francesco) Rotundo’s remark, as yet another NewCo spokesperson, “These are the idiots that are trying to destroy this country while we are trying to build it”?

May this “idiot” suggest that another, more positive avenue on this important permitting matter is available to NewCo. As NewCo has already been in contact with NHDES, I suggest NewCo now review the publicly available record to determine where and in what form public opinion exists. This would enable NewCo to interact with the communities on a level playing field once the secrecy has been dropped. I, as a matter of record, have no secrets, and my technical position is well documented in the NHDES public record and my NH Supreme Court filings. NHDES is obligated by statue to help permit applicants. I am sure that (state hydrologist) Brandon (Kernen) would be more than glad to help NewCo sift through and put in perspective the various “community groups,” “opposition groups” and “idiots” that have participated to date.

From the very beginning, my position has been and still remains for all of the technical aspects of local and state permitting, meet the requirements. The beginning of a community dialogue with yet another player and its law firm is part of the expected business process, difficulties presented by NewCo name-calling and secrecy notwithstanding.

Please be considerate and hold off community contacts until after Halloween, as I at least do not want to be challenged with the need to dilute any of my bog-standard “weird” that is now fully focused on my grandsons.

Steve Conklin

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