UNH Manchester readies computer degree program

University of New Hampshire Manchester is preparing to launch a bachelor’s degree program in computer information systems for the academic year that begins in September.

The program will focus on functional areas of information technology that are used to manage computers, communications and information resources in an organization. The applied interdisciplinary program Manchester is different from the more theoretical programs offered at UNH in Durham, officials said.

Computer information systems professionals support processes in organizations at operational levels, such as order processing or purchasing, and management levels, such as human resources and marketing.

“The program is designed to develop the business and critical thinking skills necessary for a professional career in information systems. An interdisciplinary curriculum provides the opportunity to develop interpersonal communication and teamwork skills essential for success,” said Karla Vogel, assistant professor of CIS and program director. “We have a unique opportunity to create a unique educational experience that takes advantage of our strong liberal arts programs and provides an applied track in technology.”

For more information about the new Computer Information Systems degree program contact the Admissions Office at 603-641-4150.

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