Trio accused of smash and grab plot

HUDSON – A 23-year-old and two 15-year-olds are suspected of forcing their way into a house to beat someone up and then stealing items while they were there.

Jonathan Inoa, of 53 Newhall St., No. 2, Lowell, Mass., was charged with burglary. The two juveniles face burglary charges.

Officer Joe Hoebeke had stopped the car the three were in after he spotted them speeding on Webster Street. While he was talking to group, there was a call for a fight on Adams Drive. The description of a car on the scene matched that of the car he had stopped, according to police.

The men had stopped at the house looking for someone they intended to assault, police said. While there, they took some cash, Christmas lights and a cell phone, according to police.

The incident is still under investigation.