Town to recount Board of Selectmen’s race

LYNDEBOROUGH – Sharon Boisvert has formally requested a recount of the race for Board of Selectmen and a ballot question dealing with a new ordinance regulating use of off-road vehicles on state-sanctioned trails. The votes were taken Tuesday.

She presented the request to the town clerk Friday, the last day requests could be filed. Ten signatures are required, and the request was signed by 11 residents.

After Town Meeting on Saturday, the selectmen met briefly to determine when and where the recount would be held. The date selected was Monday, March 22, 3 p.m., at Citizens’ Hall.

The result of voting Tuesday gave Boisvert 43 votes, Arnold Byam 154 votes and incumbent Lorraine Strube 255.

The off-road vehicle ordinance passed on a vote of 308-136.

Boisvert did not attend Town Meeting and was not available for comment Saturday.

Town officials present on Friday said her stated reason for requesting the recount was, “The town needs to experience this.”

– Jessie Salisbury