Town, AT&T working on look of tower

LYNDEBOROUGH – After a meeting earlier this month during which Planning Board members heard numerous complaints about the look of a new AT&T cellular communications tower, the board chairman indicated this week that the company is willing to work toward a solution “that will make all parties happy.”

At the board’s regular meeting Dec. 18, residents complained about the tower, which is on land on Woodward Road owned by Tom and Virginia Chrisenton. The tower is tall, shiny and visible from Route 31 north, residents said, and “sticks out like a sore thumb.”

The complaints prompted the Planning Board to communicate with AT&T about possible remedies.

Board members said they were concerned not only with the look of the tower, but effects it might have on a vote at Town Meeting in March to allow a second tower to be placed near the town barn.

The AT&T Wireless plan for Woodward Road was accepted last May after several months of discussions. At that time, company officials said the color to be used would be the least obtrusive. The monopole is 190 feet tall with flush-mounted antennas. The minutes of tion will give optimum coverage and the tower will blend in with the tall pine trees and a nearby ridge as a backdrop.”

Since the Woodward Road tower is the first to be located in town, the board said, they did not have any references concerning visual impacts.

It was noted that the height of the tower would reduce the height needed for a second tower to be located in the South Lyndeborough Village area, a tower currently planned for property near the town barn on Locust Lane. Because the Locust Lane site is town-owned, a vote is required by Town Meeting to lease the site to AT&T.

AT&T officials have said both towers are needed for good coverage of the Route 31 corridor, which currently has several “dead spots.”

The next meeting of the board is Jan. 15.