Tour de Ghana

Sure, you could take a cruise next year for spring break, but why not really get away? Far away. To a place like Ghana.

Heart of New Hampshire Tours, a Granite State-based tour operator, is offering four adventure tours a year to the West African nation, each geared toward a different audience.

According to Wayne King, president of Heart of New Hampshire Adventure, “Even people from here need to get away for their own adventure from time to time.”

King described Ghana as “the safest and friendliest country in West Africa, possibly in all of Africa. It offers visitors the opportunity to get the flavor of African culture in the safest possible way.”

In January, the company will sponsor a tour for photographers, with professional photographer John Dopkin of Plymouth. An April tour will be geared toward those interested in writing and will feature New Hampshire Poet Laureate Cynthia Huntington, professor of creative writing at Dartmouth College.

Other tours being planned include an “African American Roots” tour and an African drumming tour.

“Many people dream of being able to visit Africa in their lifetime, but for most the daunting idea of trying to go it alone is just too much. We provide a tour where we have done all of the logistical work to assure a safe and comfortable visit that gives people a broad flavor of this extraordinary country,” said King.

For more information, call 786-9278 or visit — CK

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