They said it…

“I told him that I am taking a different approach than other governors.” — Gov. Craig Benson recounting what he said to Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge about Benson’s decision to begin scrutinizing federal homeland security grants for what he deems as wasteful spending — before accepting them.

“Most governors don’t tip their employees. They just pay them what they’re worth.” — State Employees Association President Paul Stokes responds to word that Governor Benson handed out some $100,000 in bonuses to key employees.

“I said, ‘Henry, just remember, only one person really calls all the shots. She has an office at 26 Market Street in Portsmouth and her name is Angela Blaisdell,’” – What Executive Councilor Ray Burton says he told Rep. Henry Mock after learning that his friend was planning to work part time on Governor Benson’s staff.

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