The ‘lies’ and ‘fantasy’ of Trump’s business acumen

To the editor:

For those still clinging to the raft of lies, hyperbole and fantasy that is Donald Trump in the belief that he is a great and successful businessman, recent articles in The New York Times, BusinessWeek, The Wall Street Journal and USA Today finally reveal the secret of The Donald’s success as an astute businessman: stiff everyone.

Stiff the investors in your various projects. Stiff the shareholders and bondholders. Withhold payment from the numerous small businesses that work in your casinos. The headline from a recent New York Times piece captures it: “Investors and Builders Were Left on the Hook as He Made Millions.” The Wall Street Journal headlined: “Donald Trump’s business plan left a trail of unpaid bills.”

Said BusinessWeek: “Trump claims he’s profited on deals, even where he’s shown losses on paper or where projects have run into trouble.” The article is shot through with examples of deals gone sour, significant losses and lawsuits flying in every direction, so not only is Trump irresponsible in his business dealings, he lies about it.

USA Today details how Deadbeat Donald’s business career has generated some 3,500 lawsuits and legal actions. It shows how he cheated mechanics, plumbers, painters, carpenters and more by complaining about the job after the fact and withholding all or part payment – take it or leave it – knowing these small business guys couldn’t afford to sue.

The New York Times piece tracks Trump’s various casino and hotel ventures, from the billion dollars he blew on the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City in 1990 to his company’s fifth bankruptcy in 2014. It exposes the Barbarian of the Boardwalk as he skims big bucks off the top for himself, leaving investors holding increasing debt.

Is this charlatan really what we want in the Oval Office?

Speaking for the high-rolling gaming industry, one regulator said of Trump, “When he left Atlantic City, it wasn’t ‘sorry to see you go.’ It was, ‘How fast can you get the hell out of here?’” It’s time we all asked the same thing.

George Duncan


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