The ‘cancer’ of single-payer

To the editor:

Forgive the pun, but let me use a sharp scalpel on the cancer revealed in the logic of Dr. James Fieseher in his article, “What can cure our ailing health care system?” published in the Jan 9-22 New Hampshire Business Review.

Consider these fundamental observations:

1. If the “nonprofit” structure for public good in health care suggested by Dr. Fieseher were the magic bullet that produced outstanding results, education should be a shining star for all to follow. Nonprofit, public education has produced the same disappointing results health care has. In fact, many could argue nonprofit education has produced even worse results. It has created the highest per-pupil costs in the world while producing academic results in the middle of the competitive world pack.

Nonprofit does not insure lower costs any place, nor better quality as the failed results in nonprofit education reveal.

2. If following the European single-payer health model, bulging with welfare, and the illusion of “free” were the path to stability and economic prosperity, why has the capitalist model followed by America produced the most successful, most efficient and most prosperous nation on earth for the past century?

Nothing could be a greater economic disaster to this country than a government hijack of 20 percent of our private economy, subjecting it to the same political uncertainty and dysfunction that characterizes Washington today. There is no logic anywhere to support this approach, except in the minds of socialist ideologues who intensely dislike the words for-profit and capitalism.

3. Peter Shumlin, governor of Vermont, has been elected twice on his promise to make it the first single-payer state in the country. Shortly before Christmas, after being elected again, the truth long known was revealed by Shumlin. Vermont was not going to be the pioneer state proving the virtues of single-payer.

To enact Green Mountain Care, the state budget would need to double, requiring an 11.5 percent across-the-board tax on every employer, and a new 9.5 percent surcharge to income taxes. Shumlin’s message was both brief and bitter for liberals. He said, “The cost to implement single-payer could bankrupt the state, its businesses and its workers.”

I suggest Dr. Fieseher speak with Governor Shumlin before spreading the cancer of his logic any further.

Tony Boutin


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