Teen charged in school vandalism

MILFORD – A 13-year-old boy faces juvenile court action after allegedly causing damage to the exterior of the Milford Middle School.

A middle school employee reported an attempted arson to an outside portion of the building Monday, and town police and fire officials began a cooperative investigation.

On Tuesday, a school employee reported an act of criminal mischief to the building’s exterior.

While investigating the second incident, police said they found another attempted arson site at the building.

The police and fire departments, in conjunction with the middle school administration and the state fire marshal’s office, continued their investigation throughout Tuesday.

As a result of the investigation and evidence collection, a suspect in connection with the alleged crimes was developed.

Police conducted an interview with the teenager with his parents present on Tuesday, according to a statement released Wednesday by Police Chief Fred Douglas.

Evidence was obtained that suggested the suspect was the one responsible for the crimes being investigated, Douglas stated.

Damage estimates have yet to be determined.

Anyone with information pertaining to these crimes is asked to contact either Milford Police at 673-7742 or Milford Fire at 673-3136.