Taylor/Haley Search Partners: Simplifying Executive Search

The Principals at Taylor/Haley Search Partners, LLC believe that the successful placement of entrepreneurial executives can only occur when two elements are in place. The first is an in-depth and personal understanding of the client company’s history, goals, market and culture. The second is a search model based on honesty, accountability and old fashioned hard work.

Principals Ken Plasz and Steven LaKind favor the boutique model of service, partnering directly with their clients and offering unlimited access. Taylor/Haley limits the number of projects they take on so that its Principals are able to focus on a careful, precise, custom search process.

Taylor/Haley is expert in the skill of recruiting entrepreneurial executives. They work at the grassroots level, with the understanding that each client has its own unique brand that transcends a generic industry label. They have vast experience in the art of transitioning high-level talent, and work tirelessly in pursuit of the correct fit.

Recognizing that executive searches are urgent, most often signaling a critical point in the life of a company, Taylor/Haley offers peace of mind with an unambiguous and exceptionally timely schedule of benchmarks and deliverables. Qualified candidates are typically presented within two weeks, and most placements are made within 75 days. Taylor/Haley offers a flexible, client-friendly fee schedule that is free of any conflict of interest.

To schedule a consultation, call 781-592-1411. For more information, visit the website at www.taylorhaley.com

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