Taking exception to Kozlowski story

To the editor:

I take exception to your article regarding Dennis Kozlowski’s divorce and the asset freeze placed on Mr. Kozlowski by U.S. District Court Judge Paul Barbadoro (NHBR.com, Oct. 22.) 

There is not one quote in any article or news report that states Mr. Kozlowski’s attorney said he would have access to his ex-wife’s divorce settlement when he left prison, as you state in your article. If Kozlowski wanted to transfer “a substantial part of his assets” to his ex-wife in their divorce, I suspect it wouldn’t have taken him three years and multiple lawyers to do so.

And what’s a federal judge doing in a Florida divorce case ruling in favor of a Bermuda company based on the laws of New York? That makes about as much sense as say, transferring your assets to your ex-wife in hopes both will be there for you at the end of your 25 year-sentence.

J. Gustafson
Los Angeles, Calif.

Editor’s note: In their filing, lawyers representing Tyco International used the following quote from a Reuters story, dated Thursday, July 17, in their motion: “’Karen will be a wealthy young lady, and Dennis will have some money one day when he’s permitted to leave jail,’ said West Palm Beach attorney Martin L. Haines, who represented Dennis Kozlowski in the divorce. ‘Is it fair? Who the hell knows.’”

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