Spring Dreamin’

With temperatures climbing close to 30 degrees this weekend, it’s going to feel a lot like spring.

After this week’s cold snap, the relatively balmy weather is sure to make life easier. It will be easier, for example, to drive past certain road signs, such as the travel agency billboard on the Milford Oval that’s been taunting drivers lately by listing the temperatures in Cancun and Aruba.

It was 81 degrees in Cancun Friday and 82 in Aruba, in case you’re wondering. But Aruba’s heat “felt” more like 87, according to the Weather Channel. Sounds cozier than Nashua’s “9 degrees, feels like minus-10.”

Spring is far away – 63 days, to be exact, but who’s counting? – and when the mercury plummets again, as it is wont to do, locals will need help getting through the rough spots. Where they find their hints of spring depends on what type of people they are.

Those who long for vacations in the sun might book the next flight to Mexico through Milford Travel Service, the folks who posted the cruel sign on the Oval. Rodney Woodman Florist, another Milford merchant, might tempt flower lovers with its simple “Spring Inside” message.

Unlike other flower shops that keep customers confined to the show area, Woodman regulars bypass the front desk, walk through the warm greenhouse out back, and enter the work area where pails of colorful blossoms are waiting.

Customers can get a custom-made bouquet with their favorite flowers and pick up extra tidbits, such as how to care for them, said design manager Roberta Langis.

Langis, who has been creating a lot of “cheer up, it’ll be spring soon” bouquets, has plenty of red tulips and purple irises to choose from, thanks to summertime in South America.

A different type of person may wander over to Harley Davidson-Buell in Merrimack. They don’t need special signs – the H-D logo is enough.

“We’ve seen a lot more traffic after the holidays,” said sales manager Jason Tardif. “People are starting to get the itch. They have cabin fever.”

New Hampshire bikers typically flock to motorcycle dealerships during the winter as a way to stay in touch with their sport. They come to the Harley dealership to look at the new models, shop for clothes and make appointments to get their bikes serviced in the spring, Tardif said. The dealership is almost like a vacation destination in itself.

New England’s short riding season makes local riders appreciate their sport more than any other bikers in the country, Tardif said.

“There are more motorcycles registered in this state than any other,” he said.

SAD folks – those with seasonal affective disorder – have been keeping Body Tan & Spa in Merrimack busy all month, said employee Ashley Daigle.

The 17-year-old sets them up with tanning beds and helps them pick out tanning lotions. They often find the experience so relaxing, they fall asleep, she said.

Perhaps they’re dreaming of Cancun.

Lynn Tryba can be reached at 594-6402 or trybal@telegraph-nh.com.