Special Purpose Vehicle Management Platform launches to simplify and accelerate investment deals

Company unveils Syndicately.com, addresses time and risk constraints for investors with tech-enabled SPV administration

Syndicately — the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) management solution for family offices, venture capitalists, angel investors and entrepreneurs — recently unveiled Syndicately.com, a tech-enabled platform that simplifies, secures and accelerates investment deals. With this launch, Syndicately enters the private investment market to empower the next generation of investors with a seamless, transparent method of pooling and deploying capital.

“With the pace and variety of deals we encounter in today’s marketplace, there is a need for an affordable, scalable solution to help us and other investing entities optimize investment lifecycles,” said Partner of New North Ventures and active community investor, Jeremy Hitchcock. “From onboarding to exit, Syndicately delivers a hassle-free method of setting up and managing investment deals that is easy to personalize and repeat.”

Private equity outperformed other market assets and experienced less volatility for the fourth consecutive year in 2021, according to McKinsey’s Global Private Markets Review. As the demand for private assets continues to rise, Syndicately removes friction from the funding process by aggregating funds into a single legal entity and strengthening capital in the early building stages of startups, private companies, and target assets.

The full-service platform then handles and streamlines the administrative tasks required to execute SPVs. Offering features like same-day SPV entity and treasury creation, built-in data protection and intuitive online management, Syndicately.com provides an intuitive hub for the next generation of investors to fund, manage and exit deals all in one platform.

“Syndicately is on a mission to make private investment deals more straightforward and efficient than ever before,” added Ross Andrews, company co-founder. “Whether you’re an experienced or emerging fund manager, seasoned angel investor or family office, Syndicately helps take the risk and frustration out of raising capital, so you can focus on what matters most: finding and backing the next wave of innovative founders and meaningful ideas “

To learn more about Syndicately, please visit www.syndicately.com.

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