Segway gentle on links, says study

An independent study by two universities has concluded that the Segway Golf Transporter has less wear and tear on golf course turf than a standard golf cart.

Researchers at the University of Arkansas and the University of Tennessee conducted a 30-day study last summer on the impact of the Segway GT and a golf cart on Bermuda turf grass and found that the two-wheeled transporter helped to maintain turf coverage, color and quality over regular golf carts.

“The Segway GT creates less turf damage than a golf cart because of its proprietary traction control software and unique features like enhanced traction tires, a lighter payload and a smaller footprint,” said Klee Kleber, vice president of marketing at Bedford-based Segway Inc. “The results of this study prove that the Segway GT is turf-friendly and a valuable addition to golf course fleets.”

“We were surprised with the results of our study. Even though the Segway GT has narrow tires and makes sharp turns, repeated stopping, starting and turning with the Segway GT resulted in significantly less turf wear and lower surface hardness compared to a standard golf cart. Since it’s friendly to the turf, the Segway can safely travel on fairways in some situations where golf carts aren’t allowed, speeding up game play,” wrote researchers Douglas E. Karcher, University of Arkansas, and John Sorochan, University of Tennessee. – CINDY KIBBE

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