School’s land may be subdivided

WILTON -A plan presented by Pine Hill Waldorf School to subdivide several acres from its Pine Hill Drive site and lease the land to a Center for Anthroposophy has moved forward. On Tuesday, the Zoning Board of Adjustment approved a special exception allowing the building and operation of an administration and teacher training facility, as allowed under town ordinances for residential districts.

The site plan was to have been reviewed by the Planning Board on Wednesday, but school officials asked for a continuance to Jan. 19. David Healey said there were still some corrections to be made to the curb cut on Abbott Hill Road, and the fire chief has asked for some modifications to access lanes.

Anthroposophy is defined as a system of mystical beliefs derived from theosophy, which is a religious speculation dealing with mystical aspects of God. The doctrines of theosophy incorporate aspects of Buddhism and Brahmanism.

The center would begin as a teacher and training center and could, at a later date, include dormitories.