ScanPoint, Inc. knows “time is money” for your business

Since its founding in 1997, ScanPoint has been committed to developing products and providing services that allow businesses to run more efficiently. By eliminating a heavy reliance on paper documentation and automating otherwise inefficient and burdensome tasks, ScanPoint has transformed the productivity and efficiency of companies nationwide.

Having foreseen the multitude of benefits provided by computer-based process automation and document storage, ScanPoint developed the EasyFile™ software, a high-performance document management system suited for any number of industries. EasyFile transforms your business’s paper documents to electronic files via a simple scan, allowing for easy organization and fast, efficient retrieval – saving you not only physical storage space, but dramatically reducing time spent retrieving hardcopy documentation from cabinets or boxes and virtually eliminating the headache of lost, misfiled, or destroyed documents.

For more information about ScanPoint’s EasyFile software or their many other time-saving, efficiency-generating products and services visit or call (603) 429-0777.

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