Rotarians raising money for park

MILFORD – The Rotary Club has started a formal push to turn a dilapidated tennis court opposite Bales School into a park with brick walkways as a way to honor the 100th anniversary of Rotary International.

The club is selling memorial bricks, benches, granite posts and even shrubbery as part of a fund-raising effort for the roughly $150,000 park.

The park is proposed for alongside the Community House. The public tennis courts – originally built for the old Centennial High School, as Bales was once known – have not been used for that sport in years. Their only regular use in recent years are roller-hockey games held two evenings a week.

The courts are owned by the nonprofit Livermore Association, which owns and runs the 160-year-old Community House. The town attempted to turn them into an ice-skating rink three years ago, but was thwarted by warm weather.

To learn more, or buy a brick or tree, call Milford Rotary Club President Colleen Moynihan at 673-4463.

Insurance competition heats up

MERRIMACK – And so the truth slips out.

PRIMAX and the Local Government Center are falling over themselves to win the town’s business for workers compensation and property liability insurance, Finance Director Bob Levan told selectmen on Thursday.

The town doesn’t have to decide until June 30 whom to award contracts to, Levan noted.

However, he suggested that PRIMAX appears to be offering a better price now, though he said he’d be hesitant to drop the Local Government Center as a carrier because it has bailed out the town time and time again, dating to the insurance crisis all municipalities faced in the 1980s.

Levan ran down some examples, ending with, “There are other stories I could tell you, but I probably shouldn’t tell you in public.”

That statement prompted a round of laughs in the Town Hall meeting room. Levan quickly added that he couldn’t tell the stories in public because they involved legal matters.

Pair honored for service

MERRIMACK – The Board of Selectmen on Thursday continued its tradition of honoring town employees for their many years of service to the community.

The board presented certificates to Fire Lt. Ronald Hansen, Master Firefighter David Joki and Stephen Garczynski, a worker at the wastewater treatment plant.

Each man recently celebrated his 20th year working for the town.

After honoring the men, selectmen took a brief respite from conducting town business for a coffee and cookie reception outside the Town Hall Courtroom.