Thomson: Promises made and kept by President Trump

He fulfilled his pledges to voters by ‘making America great again’
Tom Thomson

Tom Thomson

In full disclosure, I’m a lifelong Republican and for over 50-plus years I have voted for good Republicans who I believe will serve our hard-working men and women of New Hampshire better than the progressive liberal Democrats by building on the values of low taxes and limited government.

I was asked to meet with candidate Donald Trump on Dec. 15, 2015, at a rally in Waterville Valley, as he wanted to sign my “Presidential Pledge,” which he did.

Some of my friends asked me how I could vote for Donald Trump, and my answer was always the same. I believed what he promised the voters, if elected, he would deliver on, particularly his promise to put forth names of conservative constitutionalist nominees to the U.S. Supreme Court.

We now know he kept his promise by nominating two excellent candidates, Justice Gorsuch and Justice Kavanaugh, and as I write this, President Trump has put forth another excellent choice in Amy Coney Barrett to fill the third open position on the Supreme Court during his term.

As we know in presidential primaries and general elections, candidates make many promises to all voters, but over my lifetime most elected presidents, once in office, very seldom follow through with all their promises.

But President Trump was different. He was a businessman, not a politician, and once he was sworn in on Jan. 20, 2017, he went to work to fulfill what he promised to the American people by “making America great again” and he has delivered on his promises.

Here are a few of them:

  1. By cutting taxes and regulations on businesses (big and small), he created the most prosperous economy in our lifetime.

2.With record growth in our economy, he created millions of good-paying jobs with record low unemployment, the lowest in the past 50 years, just before we were hit by the Covid-19. African Americans and Hispanics saw some of the lowest unemployment numbers in our lifetimes.

3.Many past presidents only gave lip service to our illegal immigration problems, but President Trump got serious and did just what he promised to do, stopping illegal immigration. He is building a wall on our southern border to protect our citizens and enforce our immigration laws.

4.President Trump promised to rebuild our military, wipe out ISIS, reduce and bring home our soldiers, and increased benefits and wages for our soldiers, while improving the VA hospitals for our veterans.

5.On energy, President Trump promised to become energy-independent. Today, we are energy-independent and everyone sees that benefit when they fill up their vehicle, which is less than half the price per gallon then under the Obama/Biden Administration. Today, I filled up for $1.95 per gallon. Yet Biden and Harris want to shut down fossil fuels and fracking, which will drive gas and home heating prices through the roof.

6.Trump was our “law and order” president from day one – he has the backs of our men and women in blue. Because of his nearly 100% support, he has received the majority of all police and sheriffs support.

7.President Trumps excellent picks for Supreme Court Justices will protect your 1st and 2ndAmendment rights.

There are many other “Promises Made, Promises Kept” that have a positive impact on our hard-working men and women that President Trump has made and delivered on. Thank you President Trump.

As I said, I’m a lifelong Republican and I will cast my vote on Nov. 3 for President Donald Trump, Gov. Chris Sununu and every other Republican on my ballot, and I encourage every other true Republican to vote straight Republican, and I would invite our independent voters to join me and even encourage Democrats who have real concerns of the direction Biden/Harris and the extreme base of the Democratic Party is headed to do the same.

Tom Thomson is a tree farmer in Orford.

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