Principal says boss not why he quit

MONT VERNON – Former Village School Principal Bob St. Cyr wants to set the record straight.

He has no issues with Superintendent of Schools Michael Ananis, despite public comments his father, Al St. Cyr, made in anger outside a School Board meeting Thursday night, he said.

Although his father blamed Ananis for his departure, the reason he quit his job as elementary school principal with several weeks remaining in the school year is the same reason outlined in his resignation letter, he said.

He wants to spend quality time with his 3-year-old and 1-month-old daughters and be supportive of his wife during an important time for their family, he said.

The elder St. Cyr, a superintendent in the Hillsboro-Deering School District, told a small group of parents and teachers Thursday that Ananis had treated his son poorly for more than a year and effectively had driven him from his position. He accused the superintendent of not being supportive of his son during a time of severe personal losses last year.

Ananis, reached by telephone on Friday, expressed shock at the statements.

“That is absolutely false,” he said. “I am proud of the support I gave Bob.”

St. Cyr’s comments came after the School Board announced his son’s resignation, which was effective immediately.

Bob St. Cyr did not attend Thursday’s meeting, but his father did.

The tone of the meeting was tense as anxious parents peppered Ananis and the School Board with questions about who would be in charge and how the absence of a principal might affect their children’s education and safety.

Several described St. Cyr as being a champion of children and education and wondered why he would leave his post so abruptly.

Ananis told them that St. Cyr left for personal reasons and asked them to respect his privacy. As the discussion continued, the elder St. Cyr grew angry because he believed that Ananis implied that his son left because of personal problems, said Peggy McAllister, the executive director of the New Hampshire Association of School Principals.

McAllister contacted The Telegraph on Friday for a conference call that included both St. Cyr men.

The elder St. Cyr misinterpreted what the superintendent was saying and reacted strongly because he did not believe that the desire to be supportive of one’s wife and family should be characterized as a personal problem, she said.

“It tugged at his heartstrings and caused him to react,” she said.

“My dad has always been my biggest and most vocal fan,” said the 42-year-old St. Cyr.

He said Ananis had been a mentor for what was his first role as a principal.

Before he was hired at the Village School in 2001, he had been an assistant principal at Griffin Memorial School in Litchfield.

St. Cyr said he had reached his goals for the Village School and was looking forward to new challenges elsewhere.

“I have every intention of seeking another principalship next year,” he said.

“We’re appreciative of everything Bob has done,” Ananis said.

“We all miss Bob at the Village School, and we respect his decision to take leave of the school.”

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