Prince Street may become one-way

WILTON – Selectmen have agreed to hold a public hearing on changing Prince Street to a one-way road from Maple Street to Tremont Street in an effort to improve pedestrian safety, traffic flow and parking around Florence Rideout Elementary School.

The change would be made by installing a “No Left Turn” sign on Tremont Street, forcing drivers to continue another block to Park Street before turning.

The hearing will be held at the beginning of a board meeting in October.

Police Chief Brent Hautanen discussed the problem with selectmen on Monday. He said he was asked by Principal Edmund Heffernan to look at the situation.

“I observed the situation twice,” Hautanen said. “There are kids all over the street. People are parking illegally (too close to the intersection), parking on both sides of Prince Street.”

While he was there once, Hautanen said an ambulance stopped on Prince Street “and nobody could get by it.” He said he made some suggestions to Heffernan, such as changing the bus parking a little.