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Personal Profile
Overall, readers of New Hampshire Business Review are in the prime of their careers, earning high incomes and investing wisely. A typical reader is middle-aged, sits on at least one board of directors and holds a 4-year college degree or more. These people are making decisions at New Hampshire companies; they are paving the way for the future of the Granite State.

  • Our readers are 72% men and 28% women with over half in the 35-54 age group and 29% aged 55-64.
  • The average household consists of 2.7 persons, and has an average property value of $250,000-$500,000. Over 90% own a home or condo.
  • They are affluent. Over 31% have a family net worth of $1 million or more.
  • Annual household income averages over $100,000, while the N.H. median average is $42,000.
  • They are well educated. 75% have at least a 4-year college degree, while 41% have beyond a 4-year degree. They are still learning, as another 40% plan to take additional courses in the future.
  • They have significant assets. 17% own a rental property, 40% own a vacation home or timeshare. 26% own a boat, 23% own a swimming pool, 87% own a home computer and 51% own fine jewelry.
  • Our readers tend to drive expensive cars. Most own 2-3 automobiles, with 41% planning to purchase or lease a new car within the next 12 months: 63% plan to spend at least $25,000 or more; another 20% plan to spend $35,000+.

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Business Profile
Our readers work for growing companies on the move. They are Internet savvy individuals and tend to be senior-level managers.

  • Over half of our readers (54%) are chairman, CEO or president of their companies. An additional 20% are vice presidents or general managers.
  • Ninety percent use the Internet regularly. Most companies (75%) have their own Web site; of those who don’t, 43% plan to develop one within the next year.
  • They work for larger than average, growing NH companies: 35% have 50 or more employees. Statewide, only 5% of companies have 50 or more employees.
  • Close to 40% of companies have annual revenue of at least $5 million.
  • Many businesses have relocation/expansion plans in mind. A full 27% plan to upsize or add locations within the next year. Most will require at least 2,000 additional square feet.
  • The areas most often cited for relocation or expansion are the Merrimack Valley, Seacoast and Lakes Region.
  • Well over half (55%) hold at least one board of director position, with the average person sitting on two or more boards.

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    Reader Habits
    Our readers are loyal and spend a good deal of time reading each edition of New Hampshire Business Review.

    • 75% read every single issue of New Hampshire Business Review.
    • 90% read 3 out of 4 issues.
    • An average of 3.2 readers enjoy each issue of New Hampshire Business Review.
    • Over 2/3 of readers spend 30 minutes or more reading the paper, another 35% spend 30-60 minutes reading.
    • 57% read New Hampshire Business Review at the office and 41% read it at home, the remaining 3% read while traveling.
    • Although the entire paper is read thoroughly, the top 10 favorite pages in New Hampshire Business Review are: Front page, Page 3, In Brief, Flotsam & Jetsam, The Latest, RE/Con, Tech/Net, Street Smart, Editorial/Opinion and Calendar.
    • 93% eat out in non-fast food restaurants 3-9 times per month.
    • Most spend $200-$299 per month on dining out for business/pleasure.
    • Favorite radio stations are NHPR, WBZ, WZID, WHOM, WGIR, WOKQ, COOL and WXRV.

    All research based on a 3/02 Readership Study by The NorthMark Group, Concord, NH.

    For more information, please contact us: e-mail phone (603) 624-1442 fax (603) 624-1310

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